Vacation Is A Good Test…

…of what you really need.
This week we are headed out to the lake/motorhome loaned to us by my lovely step-mother and dad. We decided to do this after we realized our trip to Radium 

  • Involved a six hour drive
  • Could be kaiboshed due to smokey air 
  • And would cost about $1000 for a vacation rental home. 

So we are spending zilch on rental costs and are about an hour and a half away from home! And the girls are loving it! 
I’ve totaled up my “spendings again for this week: $395. Here’s what I spent it on. (Sorry, if there are any typographical errors, I’m doing this on my phone!) 

  • Hair trims for the girls and some fun things on our trip that day. Made a wee road trip to our old city and did some fun things.
  • A folk fest ticket for me so I could take Mira for Sunday folk fest. 
  • Mark and I went out for dinner and drinks the night his parents had the girls, so that was fairly expensive. 
  • Food and drink at folk fest 
  • Lunches here on vacation. 

So really, all “experiential” things! Not much “stuff” at all this week, so that felt good! Because I’m not spending money on stuff I feel like I have the room to do all the fun things I never had the money to do before, and it’s been a really good feeling. 

Staying in a motorhome all week is like a test of whether we could ever live in a tiny house. I think, in Alberta, you need room for kids to run, and in winter, that isn’t going to be outside. Maybe in California a tiny home would make sense….thoughts? 

I also feel like because I’ve let go of all these things that I WANT, I’ve had time to think about what I want to do with my life. I have not come to any conclusions yet. But I used to create lists of items I wanted, clothes, purses, shoes, rings, jewelry pieces. Now I’m making lists of potential careers or courses to take, and that’s a huge mental shift. I’m impressed I’ve made it to two months, and feeling just fine about continuing on. Christmas scares me, as I haven’t started transitioning to “making” things as much as I would like to have done. I’m happy my girls haven’t fussed at all about getting second hand clothes or stuff, and I think it’s a good lesson to teach them about second hand goods being just as “good” as new. 

Those are my random holiday-ing thoughts. Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather wherever you are. Someone please tell me what to do next with my life and I’ll be 100%! 

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