Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This is so exciting!! Since like a year ago I’ve been eyeing those gorgeous pinterest pics of women’s capsule wardrobes! So simple, so put together, soooo curated and elegant! I, of course, am not quite talented enough to put together one of those images, but I’ve got a few different pictures to show what I’ve put together!

When I started this, I used a workbook from two different places. The first was from a blogger called Un-Fancy and it was soooo useful! I realized in that first workbook that I wear jeans, a tshirt and an accessory (usually a scarf) most of the time. I also realized that I HATED wearing fancy underwear on a daily basis. Dresses or shirts that need a strapless bra? I tended to leave them on the shelf for daily wear. A tight dress that I needed to wear spanx for? Not going to touch it when I’m home with the kids. So everything has to have thick straps in the summer, or be looser fitting. I also realized that my fall is a bit different this year since I’m home with the kids, and not going back to a job at this time. So those heeled booties that I loved for dressing up at court? Not going to work with a two year old and a four year old hanging off my hands or hips while we walk to the park! It was a huge help to use her “Build a Capsule Wardrobe” booklet, so start there if you’re interested!

The other one I got was from a sustainably-focused company called Encircled when I signed up as a subscriber to their newsletter, called The Mi I really really really love this company and hope to buy some of their dressy sweatpants, and one of their revolve 2 dresses one day…when I can buy some of the things new again! It also helped focus me in terms of colours I wear and silhouettes I like. There’s an exercise where you have to count all the items you own, and it’s embarrassing. I think I have 15 sweaters. Not including all my tops and tees. Just sweaters. Yikes.

I don’t actually remember where I got the schema for this capsule wardrobe but it looks like this:

  1. 15 tops
  2. 9 bottoms
  3. 9 shoes
  4. 2 dresses
  5. 2 jackets


So one day I just moved ALLLL my clothes to the spare bedroom closet and only pulled out those items. I fudged the numbers a bit, I have 4 dresses and only 7 shoes, and only 6 bottoms, but 16 tops and three jackets. Confused yet?! Basically it all worked out to the same net number in the end which is: 37. I did not count my scarves. It would jump up to a way higher number.


Here are some of the outfits I’ve managed to put together so far:


I did end up purchasing a few “new” items from my favourite new consignment store Plato’s Closet. I’ve wanted a long black skirt for the fall for a while, my chambray shirt just wasn’t the perfect fit (spoiler alert, the one in the picture, is PERFECT), I had only one dress that had long sleeves for fall, and I found the greatest slouchy dark grey cardigan that I’ve been throwing on with everything.

Here’s a shot of my messy closet with only tops on the right hand side: IMG_5941


And dresses on the left. You can see my underwear baskets but you can also see the shoes I’ve chosen so far. IMG_5942

I didn’t include much in terms of dressy clothes in this capsule, it’s mostly everyday stuff I can wear while mom-ing. A mom-iform if you will. I’ve also had to throw in a couple of extra pieces like shorts and tank tops since the weather isn’t quite at “fall” yet, but mostly when I get dressed I go to the same 37 items and it’s been a huuuuge relief after all. I feel good in all the clothes in my closet, I’m not trying like 10 different outfits on trying to find something that “fits” (I’m working on that, but until all the yoga kicks in, I’m still trying to hide some problem areas;)) and I don’t need a fancy bra with anything! Bliss!

I’d love to see your capsule attempts! Does this thing let you send me emails? ohhh the life of a new blogger!

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