No-Spend Crackdown

So we spent a lot of money on the house in August and September. Trying to get those last-minute outside things done before the snow flies (and my in-laws went away for a month) and get the inside things done before we had Mark’s whole family over for a housewarming. Haven’t managed to get our poop in a group to get anyone else over for a warming of the house, but we’ll get there!

So the credit card bill is OFF THE CHARTS for this month and next, which is terrifying. So. Meaghan to the rescue. I went through allll of our statements, credit card (both of them) and debit statement, and catalogued all of our savings into Food, Take Out, Gas, House, Girls (anything for the kids), Liquor and Other. Yikes. It was a bit terrifying.

For August we spent $1400 on food, and then a SEPARATE $600 on take out!!!! Oh my goodness. And then September wasn’t that much better at $1500 for food and $200 on take out! (Take out includes things like Subway lunches for me or the girls or Mark, pizza nights, date nights etc). So we basically were spending close to $500 a week on “food” for 2 adults and 2 children. That seems astronomical. How much is “normal”? Help!

So October has been deemed “Austerity October”. Oh, some of the other categories were pretty high too, as we had ballet, gymnastics, and swimming to pay for, House stuff was insanely high as previously mentioned, liquor was probably higher than it needed to be (#summer) and I took a sewing class and got my machine serviced. And so on and so forth. But we need to think smarter about this stuff living on one income, so I am trying to track all of our expenses again this month, and we’ve agreed on noooo take out foods, only groceries, and trying to use up a lot of what we have in the fridge/freezer/cupboards before buying anything else. We aren’t broke, but we are making little headway on saving for anything big that we want. New bathroom, minivan. Retirement.

It’s only the 3rd and we already BOTH cheated yesterday. Mark had to stay late for work and needed supper, so we agreed that he got Subway and I got a chai. With the money that we got from selling off random mini toilets/potties from the stash that we barely used for Lilia. She went straight for the big potty. I digress. Extra money came in, so we spent it. SOOO responsible *crying emoji face*. We will get better. It was so bloody cold yesterday that it sucked all the joy out of the day. Today is lovely, so I’ma go look out the window.

Give me alll your tips for saving on groceries for a family of four. Or just you! Just HELP! And GO.

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