Too many things at once

That’s what’s happening this month: I’m trying to do too many things at once. Ha! This month, more like my entire life.

I got Leo Babauta’s book ” The Power of Less” from the library last month sometime, but due to the fact that I have TOO MANY LIBRARY BOOKS, I didn’t get around to reading most of it. I skimmed it in the last two days before it was due, and all I really got was that to succeed at making new habits, you have to focus on ONE HABIT AT A TIME (sorry, I’m in a caps lock kind of mood today, maybe because I’ve been yelling at the kids all day – not really- so I’m just going to keep yelling at you – not really).  Even while I’m writing this I’m thinking about the calculations I should be doing so I can give you a total of how much money we spent so far in October on groceries, I’ve got one ear out for the kids (since we just put them to bed), and I’m watching Sarah off the Grid on TV. Sort of.

You’ve heard it all before that we aren’t paying ATTENTION (sorry) to any one thing these days, and it’s true. I find the worst days as a mom are the days when I spend more time on my phone than paying attention to the kids. And it’s not just because then they seem to act out because they want my attention, it’s because my actual THOUGHTS seem to act out because they want my attention! (Even now, I just went to open a new tab in my browser to flip through Facebook as I pondered a thought, am I REALLY pondering anything while I’m doing that?!) I can’t focus, I’m a million miles away, and a lot of the time I’m a lot less satisfied with the NOW. Which ALWAYS (God, I have to stop) leads to me SHOPPING (nope, can’t stop, won’t stop). Like it did today. (Bought bathing suits and ugg-like boots for Mira second-hand at my favorite Once Upon a Child location today (conveniently right near the yoga studio I’ve been frequenting)).

But I was talking about habits! I skimmed the book, focus on one habit a month. Got it. I’m going to focus on fitness in October. I’m recovered from surgery and my body does not seem to be metabolizing fat at ALL, let alone the way it used to (which wasn’t great to begin with) and I’m a grouchy mess, so I started with one of my fave kinds of exercise. Moksha yoga. I used to love Bikram back in the day when I lived within walking distance of the studio just off Whyte avenue, so I figured if I can’t do Ukrainian dancing, I’ll do yoga. And I’ve been totally loving it. It has made me so much calmer (well, a bit anyways) and has been a great focus. As we go into winter it’s going to be lovely to hide in a warm yoga studio for an hour or more every few days.

But I got distracted a few days in (shocking) and am now totally overwhelmed. I’m doing a sewing class, I’m making duvet’s for the girls, I just jumped into learning about Essential oils as a more natural way of cleaning, diffusing, boosting immunity etc, I’m thinking about taking the advanced sewing class, friends are taking a doula training course which I was thinking about taking so I’m thinking about taking that, and I’ve jumped back onto the organizing committee of a fundraiser for my dance group. AND trying to get the kids to their various activities etc etc etc. FOCUS IS GONE. Le sigh.

But I’ve also felt a lot more like myself lately, so what does that mean? That the yoga is working? That I like being busy? That my brain working in a million directions is fun, and would work if I wasn’t staring at my phone all the time instead of perfecting the art of the mini-focus (do one thing at time while I’m doing it but then switch to the next thing?) But at this moment I’m a mess with all the decisions I feel like I’m facing!

How do you function? Pile it all on and then freak out until it’s all done (that’s me) or pick one thing at a time and focus on it (that’s our friend Leo in the book).

OH, and money:

Last week we spent $377 on food which was JUST under the $400 budget I had set. It’s only Wednesday, but so far we’ve only spent $200 on food, and I think we have almost enough stuff to last us until Sunday (except yoghurt, we’ve already gone through a tub of it and that may not be enough for the week). It’s been an interesting challenge, I’m trying to think of ways to use up what we have without buying more of the few things we use all the time. I think we’ll start things like making a big pot of soup on Sunday afternoons for at least a few lunches of the week to cut down on how much canned soup we buy!

I’m almost at the four month mark of buying nothing new here folks, I think it’s been a process, and I don’t think I’m there yet! When I’m stressed, I want a CHANGE (oh there I go again) and I want NEW and I want SHINY. Maybe I’ll do a four month-check in next week for you. Sorry this was a day late, the Thanksgiving weekend threw me for a loop (along with all the other things I’ve been juggling, right?) Stay warm!


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