If I didn’t take a picture, does it count?!

So. Last week was Halloween, and with the birthday cake and kitty cat running around and trick or treating, I just didn’t have a chance to write to you lovely folk (all 37-ish of you who read my blog sometimes! Welcome back!).

But here I am, and I’ve got a new mini-project within the larger project of buying nothing new this month. When I started thinking about not needing anything ELSE in my life/house/cupboards/closets, I started thinking about the things that were already there. Alllll the clothes, all the toys, all the cd’s all the stuff I had bought while lost in the sort of capitalist mindset of needing the newest thing all the time. This sounds like a manifesto…I don’t think it will get that poetic. We also just moved into our house in June, so there are many areas that we have not had a chance to go through and purge yet, especially places like the utility room that we don’t use every day, or the insanely large crawl space that we have. I’ve worked on some things, like my closet, creating my capsule wardrobe (Which you can read about here) and seasonal change clothing etc etc, but honestly, there’s still a lot to work on. (Especially since to create the capsule wardrobe, I mostly just moved the rest of the clothing out of my bedroom. It’s mostly still sitting in the closet downstairs! I’ll work on it, I promise).

Another thing I heard about from the Minimalists during their visit was about the Mins Game. Wherein you discard one item on the first day of the month, 2 on the second day, all the way up to 30 days on the 30th of the month. I followed another girl’s journey on Instagram during October, and figured I’d give it a try during November.

I’m on day 7 of 30. I’m starting to get a bit worried because though I have already found a crazy amount of stuff to purge, tackling areas like the front closet, the Christmas decorations, about 1/4 of the utility room, I did a bunch of purging without counting or taking pictures of it! I got rid of an entire small box full of CD’s. I donated probably 2-3 boxes full of my books during the summer. I went through and tossed about half of the girls’ play “food” that would have added up to probably 40 individual items. While doing our utility room I was too busy trying to do it in a hurry so that the girls didn’t dive into my mess that I didn’t count up all the items and document them. I know there was one 1960’s wooden chandelier, two picture frames, a giant stuffed ladybug pillow, an oversized Elsa doll, two throw pillows, probably 15 “cloth” bags, and at least two Ikea bags. I donated 6 items of jewelry to a silent auction I’m working on. But if I didn’t take a picture and count it all up, DOES IT COUNT?! What if I get to November 28th and I’m short EXACTLY that amount of items?! Deep breaths. 465 items. And I’m only on…hold on while I do some math….28 so far? Deep breaths. Discomfort, right? I need to make myself uncomfortable to challenge what is working and is not working for me in this life. Also, people have been asking for some of the things I’m getting rid of! So win win for everyone!

Anyways. That’s the mini project for November, a good way to mark my almost halfway point (next week I’ll do a halfway mark review. What is helping, what I think of second-hand shopping, how the library and I don’t always work, and what I miss most).

I’m thinking December might be a cutting back on Instagram, or cutting it out altogether (except for blog posts). As Instagram is my MAJOR time suckage activity. What could you remove from your life that isn’t serving you anymore? Happy Tuesday!!


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