A month ago….

Was the last time I wrote! I had great ambitions to write some blogs over Christmas break and save some so that I was all prepared. I did not accomplish that. However, I have done lots of thinking and wondering and so here’s a quick recap of the last month, and some thoughts moving forward.

December. I committed to cutting out Instagram during the day. I actively pursued this, by moving the app icon to the last page of my phone (does that make sense?) so that I couldn’t just tap it while I was looking at my phone, as I had been wont to do in the past. I felt like my brain was emptier, calmer, that I wasn’t always being interrupted from some other thought. Instagram is my place to “shop” clothing and decor wants as well, so I felt like I was less in the zone of WANTING in December. Which helped, leading up to Christmas. I let it slide a bit over the holidays, but a freak accident with a houseplant left me with a “huge” corneal abrasion, an eye patch, and limited vision. This certainly helped my avoidance of Instagram, as it would, literally, give me a headache. I spent lots of time in bed, with the blinds low and my eyes closed. My husband brought me lots of audio books, which were a big help. It shifted my priorities though, as I made time for my kids first, and then rested my eye. It was a bit of survival mode at it’s worst, but left me feeling a bit rested and free from instagram.

HOWEVER. I was gifted MONEY for Christmas. For SHOPPING. This. This led to an increase in thought on what I could buy, what I should buy, what I wanted, what I needed, and where to get it. It turned into a bit of an obsession. Dear friends suggested that I give up the money and gift card or save for later. That idea made me shrink in horror and clutch the cash even tighter! I tried to use it wisely. But it triggered something in my brain that had lain dormant. I couldn’t, absolutely couldn’t, save it for later when something I really NEEDED came up. I have been wearing the same three pairs of jeans for 7 months, and the same three pairs of boots since the cold weather hit, so I convinced myself that I NEEDED new versions of those. Did I really? Probably not. The pants are comfy and cute and I got myself a new tuque, which I really did need. The shoes are still up for debate. I find myself wanting to send them back just so I can SHOP again. So that the possibility of something NEW is still there. Now, with the cute shoes here, I can’t dream of anything new again for another 5 months. Although my birthday is in there somewhere.

And did I make ethical, non-fast-fashion (is the opposite of fast fashion slow fashion? Have to look that up) choices? The shoes, yes, I bought Toms, which I think (possibly mistakenly) that they are a step in the right direction (get it, cause they are shoes?!), and the tuque and pants I purchased at a local store, supporting a friend, but it wasn’t a HUGE factor in my shopping. I honestly wanted to get the most bang for my buck –  the most possessions I could with my money. Not investing in a single piece from a company I’ve watched for a while that is made and manufactured right here in Canada.

So, I could definitely benefit from another 5 months of this! I was doing so well, but it’s like gambling, or smoking, or any other addiction. One hit and I feel like I’m right back at square one! In the meantime I’m cleaning out the filing cabinet, got rid of some more children’s clothing, and keep looking at my bookshelf and thinking I could purge down some more. (BTW, I still had the receipt from renting out a locker in my 4th year of university in a file. Like WHO NEEDS THAT?! Oi.) I’m also hoping to move forward with a career in editing, starting some editing courses online, and planning to start a freelance business! Wish me luck!

Moving forward with the challenge, January is going to be a lean month because of Christmas expenditures, and we are now paying property tax (Yikes). In February I think we will make it a CONSUMABLES ONLY month. It’s a short month, thankfully. But the idea of putting off things that the kids NEED for even a short time, has been something I haven’t attempted before. So. That’s where I stand. For all 27 of you who read this, thank you for a great start to the project last year, and please feel free to suggest some topics or areas you’d like me to look into on this topic. I’ve just started reading a new book on the topic, called “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay, which is reminding me of all the reasons I started this, and shooing all the lovely shopping images out of my head! Hoping to be more consistent and on time with these blogs this year!


4 thoughts on “A month ago….

    1. I have wayyyyy too many. I’m hoarding my young adult fiction for when Mira and Lilia grow up. But am I really ever going to read nietzche or some of the more pretentious books from university?? Likely not. What was your criteria for the books you kept?


  1. I still have *all* of my university textbooks, thinking that someday I may use them (…yeah right!) Sigh. Books are hard to get rid of. I share your frustrations!


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