Another thing I have too much of….

PHOTOS. I have spent two days out of the last four dealing with the overabundance of photos I have. This has been an issue of mine. I take like 10 of the same shot, but then don’t go back and edit. Then when the mood strikes to upload them all into the computer, I think, mah, whatever, just throw them all on there.

But a few months ago I was pretty sure that some photos were missing from my computer. They were in my phone, but not going to my computer for some reason. I ignored it for several months until this message popped up about storage getting full. And then another one about storage BEING full. I got soo annoyed at this message, as I would have loved to delete some of these photos but I can’t because I can’t put them on the computer yet (and we are talking like 600 photos that weren’t going). Soooo I phoned Apple care and spent like an hour on the phone with one lady. She suggested upgrading my computer system (like downloading the update from the app store). We scheduled a call back for that afternoon for someone to check and see if it worked. It didn’t, and photos was taking about a decade to load the photos that were supposedly already in there (from 2009!)

So I spent an hour on the phone with THAT guy, but since it wasn’t working just decided to keep my Sunday appointment at the Apple store. THAT took an hour and 45 minutes and we got it mostly organized. But because there were so many photos, I had to keep plopping them into the computer and then it would stall etc etc.

The moral of the story is: There is ONE MORE THING THAT I NEED TO MINIMIZE!

Oi. There are literally 20,000 photos and video stored on my computer, which are slowing things down considerably. There are only about 600 photos on my phone, which is pretty darn amazing, as there has been close to 2000 for some time. Why, instead of flipping through Instagram, don’t I spend 20 minutes and clear out the 10 copies of almost the same picture?!

I never even considered digital clutter when I was minimizing and trying to cut down on visual clutter. But there you go. Yet another thing to remember, as it has cost me HOURS out of my week!

What are things that take up your time that drive you mental? Have a lovely week!


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