Why doesn’t money grow on trees?

Warning: rant ahead.

Is this all I do?

Thanks for all the support on my last blog about how hard 2017 was, I really needed to hear some positive reinforcement about how much I’ve done and how much I’ve tried and tried!

I’m still finding myself in a bit of a funk this Tuesday (maybe it’s just Tuesdays?!) that I have been working on this challenge of Buy Nothing New since June (so, 7 months now) and it doesn’t seem like we have saved any money in that time. As I mentioned previously, we are down to one income, and part of the idea of the challenge was to help cut down on spending so that we would survive financially. Somehow that didn’t happen. I’ve read countless articles about how to cut down on spending and how to live frugally. I’ve been writing down every single freaking spent item for the last 4 months but it still doesn’t seem to do anything. At the end of this month we are lower than we have been in ages, and the savings account doesn’t look any better and the line of credit is lower only because we got a rebate from the government on our attic insulation, and we are both feeling totally depressed about it.

So, onwards with “Consumables only February/March/April”. This may be foolish as I find these three months incredibly depressing. Maybe where YOU live it’s called spring, but here in Alberta it’s still just winter. But we have to try something. Because it’s going to be winter for the next 3 months still, I figure it’s a good time to try this. No season change, no one should need any clothing, and we just trudge on with life. Why does life really seem so dull with nothing “new” to bring home?I am never so upbeat as I am when I get new things for me or the kids (even just “new to us” things, from the second hand stores).

My project for the next few hours/days is going to be going back through December and January’s spending and figuring out how much we are going over our income every month and what those have been. December was Christmas and January just seemed to be an expensive month too, so I’d like to figure that out. I’ve cut back our food box to once a month so that has helped with the food budget considerably, but I haven’t been figuring out how much we are spending each month.

So. More work. For me. Why don’t men do this shit? Maybe your man does, but mine just freaks out when we have less than he expects in the account and looks to me for answers. (He hates spending money and actually admitted he’d probably be perfectly happy if we just never spent money on anything. How we managed to stay together long enough to get married I’ve never figured out. I’m the opposite. Obvs.)

But roll on consumables only February/March/April. SO many awesome people I know are also trying to save on groceries for at least a month by only eating what they have in the pantry and cleaning it all out. I’ve also been trying small versions of this; soup with frozen bacon and chicken, and quinoa that has been in the cupboard for six months; pasta once a week every week because we have SO MUCH FREAKING PASTA; dreaming up things to use lentils in (we buy them and never use them); getting creative with our use of beans in chili as we have a ton of chickpea/bean salad cans but never use them!

How do you save money? How do you track it? I’ve asked this before and I know there are apps but my brain doesn’t seem to GET IT unless it’s written down!

Happy Tuesday!

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