New rules – consumables only

Blahhhh. I can already see how hard this is going to…NOPE. I got this.

And I have to be stronger this time. I allowed myself wayyy to much leeway and “flexibility” last time. I ordered essential oils by the dozens, convincing myself they were for the family or the kids’ health. I did a bunch of thrift shopping, getting things I didn’t love or need really, but just needed to shop ish. I was a master at talking around the rules I had made for myself. I never even really started the consumables only three months that I was going to do, as I got pregnant and miscarried again and it just seemed too hard.

But I’ve got this right? I have new motivation (DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! I want the girls and Sebastian to have all that they need and get to do all the things they want, and my random shopping/spending is getting in the way of that) and new control over my thoughts (YOU GOT THIS – I still haven’t come up with anything better).

And here are the rules this time around.

  1. Consumables only. Food, drink, toiletries (IN MODERATION, as my Beautycounter habit is almost rivaling my jewelry addiction).
  2. If I absolutely need something I have to clear it with you folks? With Mark? With the whole world?! Thrift shopping was a whole other world of difficult and complicated, and I just don’t want to get into it again. With thrift shopping there is only ONE of that thing, and the pressure to bring home items that are not perfect, but just ok, because they are the only one, is more temptation than when there are racks of the same items. I’m still losing weight from the baby and I am hoping I will need new pants in a smaller size soon enough. I’m not sure what to do when this happens. Suggestions are welcome.
  3. Things for the kids. NEED ONLY. Buy one of those things whatever it is, and no more. I tend to buy them two of whatever I think they need so they have a backup. This leads to an overflow of clothes, especially for the girls. “OH it’s so cute! She’ll look adorable in this! Oh you want that sparkly pink WHATEVER?! Sure!” And for the baby it’s even worse, cause he’s so dang adorable toooooo…Focus.
  4. Nothing for the house, obviously. Poor house, I’ve barely bought anything for it since we moved in, since I started the first round right after we moved in, then just always focus my spending on myself (sorry house).

It’s all the exceptions that I’m worried about. The “I need this”. I’m reallllly good at talking myself into needing something when I actually don’t. And if I tell Mark that the kids “need” something, then he goes, “Oh ok, well if they need it, that’s fine”. And then we both freak out about how little money we have about a month later. So fun!

I think a good base rule is going to have to be…NO ONLINE SHOPPING. This one hits me right in the gut because I love love love love love love love online shopping. Love it. I am one of those people that have my credit card info saved for my jewelry site, Old Navy, Amazon, Zulily (though I’ve managed to avoid that one lately), American Eagle, H&M…and so then you don’t have to go looking for your credit card to shop! (Though really, I have the number memorized, I use it THAT OFTEN, ugh, sad!) This makes shopping so dang easy, and so disconnected to anything relating to real money. Just hit “Place order” or “complete order” or whatever it is and BAM, it shows up on my doorstep (which is my favourite part, I looove mail!) and a month ish later it’s all in my credit card statement in a big lump sum. Boom, no pain, and alll the gain (of new stuff!)

I may even go a step further and try and not use my credit card at all. I’m going to explore this issue in a separate blog post/book review on Dollars and Sense: How we Misthink Money and How to Spend Smarter by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler, but it has a loooot of smart things to say about how credit cards create a huge gap in our minds from the pain of paying for things, ultimately making us feel like since we paid for it so long ago, we didn’t really pay for it at all, BUT WE DID! THE MONEY IS GONE! But you didn’t notice!

I’m wondering if I have to keep myself accountable by logging all my purchases here, or on my instagram (which is now linked properly on my home page) maybe? And then had to calculate the “opportunity cost” of each purchase (ie how many other things I could have done with that money)? Yes.

So recap:

a)consumables only
b) no online shopping
c) any spending has to be logged and accounted for and opportunity cost calculated

Start date: Monday July 15th. End Date: October 15th. Then I will re-evaluate.

Exceptions I can foresee:

-Girls will need indoor shoes for school (and I’ve tried the second hand shoe route and they NEVER fit right, and we have about six pairs in the basement that no one has used because we all struggle with second hand shoes)
– Mira will need a new backpack for grade two.
– Pants, if I magically lose more baby weight
– clothes for Sebastian, though we have a lot of hand me downs that are great and may preclude any shopping

I think that’s it….Sorry, long post, but I had to write it all out as I thought about it it seemed:D Thanks for sticking with me! Anyone want to join me in my consumables only trimester??

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